Lakhau Kosis 2 | Raju Lama Mongolian Heart

Manoj Shrestha
The song "Lakhau Kosis 2 (Jati Kosis Garepani)" is performed by Raju Lama Mongolian Heart. Arjun Babu Dahal wrote the lyrics, and Saroj K. Lama composed and arranged the music. The song was recorded at Cm Studio and features Rina Gurung, Ram Singtan, and Bishnu Shrestha. This song was directed by Umesh Gurung and produced by Chhusang Lama.

Song: Lakhau Kosis-2 'Jati Kosis Garepani'
Singer: Raju Lama Mongolian Heart
Lyrics: Arjun Babu Dahal
Music Compose | Arrange: Saroj K. Lama
Record: Cm Studio
Cast: Rina Gurung, Ram Singtan, Bishnu Shrestha
Direction: Umesh Gurung
Producer: Chhusang Lama

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