Wo Yasa Thohe Dheba | Rajendra Maharjan, Ashok Kake | Newari Song

The Nepal Bhasha song "Wo Yasa Thohe Dheba" is sung by Rajendra Maharjan & Ashok Kake. Param Thasimi composed the lyrics and music for this song. A music video for the song was directed by Babukaji Jalmi, better known as BK Jalmi.

Song: Wo Yasa Thohe Dheba
Lyrics/Music: Param Thasimi
Vocal: Rajendra K. Maharjan & Ashok Kake
Artists: Anil Maharjan, Manisha Napit & Santosh Maharjan
Direction/Edit: Babukaji Jalmi (BK Jalmi)
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