A Mera Babaini | Dui Kadam Movie Song | Barsha Siwakoti, Eon Limbu

A Mera Babaini - Dui Kadam Nepali Movie Song

This is the Nepali movie song A Mera Babaini from the movie Dui Kadam that is presented by Ajambari Films. The song features actress Barsha Siwakoti and actor Eon Limbu. Barsha has only seen the film in this song. The song is sung by Ashish Aviral and Nirusha Bhattarai. Lyrics were written by Nirusha Bhattarai.

Song: A Mera Babaini
Vocal: Ashish Aviral & Nirusha Bhattarai
Lyrics: Nirusha Bhattarai
Music: Ashish Aviral
Director : Uday Subba

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