Aa Ji Chhu Yaye Yo Maa - Prabin Bajracharya | Newari Song 2024

The Newari song "Aa Ji Chhu Yaye Yo Maa" features vocals by Prabin Bajracharya, lyrics by Surendra Manandhar, and music by Dipesh Singh & Aakash Maharjan. The cast includes Surendra Manandhar, Saraswati Manandhar, and Rabita Bake, with the concept and direction by Surendra Manandhar.

Song: Aa Ji Chhu Yaye Yo Maa
Vocal: Prabin Bajracharya
Lyrics: Surendra Manandhar
Music: Dipesh Singh & Aakash Maharjan
Cast: Surendra Manandhar, Saraswati Manandhar & Rabita Bake
Cocept/Direction: Surendra Manandhar
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