Jhimikkai Pareli - Gautam Das Manandhar, Nisha Deshar

The Nepali song "Jhimikkai Pareli" was composed and arranged by Anil Shahi, with vocals by Gautam Das Manandhar and Nisha Deshar. The song was produced by Anju Manandhar and features Manoj Maharjan and Hasna Maharjan. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Blueberry Audio Video Studio.

Song: Jhimikkai Pareli
Lyrics/Music: Anil Shahi
Vocal: Gautam Das Manandhar & Nisha Deshar
Producer: Anju Manandhar
Cast: Manoj Maharjan & Hasna Maharjan
Record/Mix/Mastering: Blueberry Audio Video Studio

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