Yo Jyanlai | Paul Shah, Rasmila Tamang

Yo Jyanlai | Hasta Tamang Gole, Annu Chaudhary

The Nepali song "Yo Jyanlai" is performed by Hasta Tamang Gole and Annu Chaudhary. Hasta Tamang Gole wrote the lyrics, composed and arranged the song. The music video features Paul Shah and Rasmila Tamang, directed by Bikram Chauhan. The video was shot at The Chiya Spot Boudha.

Song: Yo Jyanlai

Singer: Hasta Tamang Gole, Annu Chaudhary
Lyrics/Compose: Hasta Tamang Gole
Arrange: Hasta Tamang Gole
Mixing/Mastering: Wangchyu Fyuba
Studio: Fyuba
Cast: Paul Shah, Rasmila Tamang
Direction/Choreography: Bikram Chauhan
Camera: Nabaraj Uprety & Team
Location: The Chiya Spot Boudha

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