Yeka Chona | Mohan Shakya & Lasata Joshi | Newari Song 2080

The Nepal Bhasa song "Yeka Chona" was composed by Manaraja Nakarmi and lyricist Chandeshor Maharjan. The vocals are performed by Mohan Shakya and Lasata Joshi, while the cast includes Yogen Maharjan and Lasata Joshi. The concept, direction, and choreography of the song are done by Suraj Napit. The filming took place at Purna's Museum Resort, also known as the Wood Craft Museum.

Nepal Bhasha Song: Yeka Chona - Lasata Joshi

Lyrics:Chandeshor Maharjan
Vocal: Mohan Shakya, Lasata Joshi
Music: Manaraja Nakarmi
Cast: Yogen Maharjan, Lasata Joshi
Concept/Direction/Chorographer: Suraj Napit
Producer: Jamuna Shakya, Manoj Shakya, Richu Joshi Shakya
Location: Purna's Museum Resort (Wood Craft Museum)

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