Saali | Raju Lama & Ashish Mahar

The song "SALI" was composed and written by Ashish Mahar, and features Raju Lama and Ashish Mahar. Debesh Rai has mixed and mastered the song, as well as arranged it. Rajesh Bk and Tapendra Tikhatari perform the chorus, while Kiran Baral adds exquisite flute sounds. The music video stars Raju Lama, Pabitra Shaki, Ashish Mahar, and Muna Khadka.

Song: Sali

Vocal: Raju Lama & Ashish Mahar
Lyrics: Ashish Mahar
Music Collection: Ashish Mahar
Mixed/Mastered: Debesh Rai
Arrangement: Debesh Rai
Chorus: Tapendra Tikhatari, Rajesh Bk
Flute: Kiran Baral
Cast: Raju Lama, Pabitra Shaki, Ashish Mahar, Muna Khadka

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