O Mero Priyatam Lyrical Video | Sukmit Gurung | Deepak Thapa

O Mero Priyatam Lyrical Video - Sukmit Gurung

Sukmit Gurung's Nepali song "O Mero Priyatam" is one of the most popular songs in Nepal.

Sukmit Gurung, a renowned Nepali singer of the modern classical genre, mesmerized audiences in the 1990s with her soulful renditions of popular Nepali songs like "Priyatam" and "Relimai". As well as her successful career as a playback singer in Nepali cinema.

Song : O mero Priyatam
Vocal : Sukmit Gurung
Lyrics : Deepak Thapa
Composition : Deepak Thapa
Lyrical Video : Anil Sthapit

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