Asan Bazaare Mangal Bazaare | Mohan Shakya, Shreejana Shrestha | Newari Song 2023

Mangal Bazaare Asan Bazaare - Mohan Shakya, Shreejana Shrestha

The song "Asan Bazaare Mangal Bazaare" in Nepali Bhasha is performed by Mohan Shakya and Shreejana Shrestha. The lyrics were written by Banshi Dhar Bajracharya, and the music was composed by Manaraja Nakarmi. This song was directed by Bishwas Bajracharya.

Nepal Bhasha Song: Asan Bazaare Mangal Bazaare Lyrics: Banshi Dhar Bajracharya
Vocal: Mohan Shakya, Shreejana Shrestha
Music: Manaraja Nakarmi
Cast: Anuz Shakya, Grishma Maharjan
Director: Bishwas Bajracharya
Producer: Jamuna Shakya, Manoj Shakya, Richu Joshi Shakya

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