Are Kyanam | Sahima & Mohan Shrestha | Raj Acharya, Sajeena Shrestha

Are Kyanam | Sahima Shrestha & Mohan Shrestha

The New Nepali Song "ARE KYANAM" was performed by Mohan Shrestha and Sahima Shrestha. There are several actors featured in the video, including Raj Acharya, Sajeena Shrestha, Sahima Shrestha, and Prakash Basnet. Amar Bantu wrote the lyrics for the video, which was composed by Rajan Raj Siwakoti.

Singer: Mohan Shrestha, Sahima Shrestha
Lyrics: Amar Bantu
Music: Rajan Raj Siwakoti
Studio: Prisma
Artist: Raj Acharya, Sajeena Shrestha, Sahima Shrestha, Prakash Basnet

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