Pagal - Nirmal Dahal | Suraj Shrestha, Sushmita Kc

PAGAL - Nirmal Dahal

Nepali song "Pagal" by singer Nirmal Dahal has been released. Dhiraj Chettri wrote the song's lyrics and music, Pramod Pariyar arranging the music. Actors Suraj Shrestha, Sushmita Khadka, Sushant Maharjan, Shemang Boss, and others can be seen in the song's music video, which was filmed in various locations across America.

Singer : Nirmal Dahal
Lyrics / Music : Dhiraj Chettri
Arrange: Pramod Pariyar
ACTORS: Suraj Shrestha, Sushmita Khadka , Sushant Maharjan, Shemang Boss
Direction/ Choreography: Suraj Shrestha

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