Jimbu Jhanera | Ram Krishna Dhakal & Anju Panta | Aakash Shrestha

Jimbu Jhanera - Ram Krishna Dhakal & Anju Panta

The Nepali Song "Jimbu Jhanera" sung by Anju Pant and Ram Krishna Dhakal. Niraj Sigdel wrote the song's lyrics, and Shikhar Santosh composed the music. The director of this music video is Deepa Shakya. In the video, new model Grishma Tamang and actor Akash Shrestha can be seen. First-time actor Grishma Tamang declared that she would stick with acting if given the chance and appropriate circumstances. She and her family are presently residing in Australia.

Vocal: Ram Krishna Dhakal & Anju Panta
Lyrics: Niraj Sigdel
Music: Shikhar Santosh
Arrange: Udaya Raj paudel
Mixing/Mastering: Shyamshwet Rasaili
Cast : Aakash Shrestha / Grishma Tamang

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