Jerry | Nepali Movie | Anmol K.C, Anna Sharma

Manoj Shrestha

Jerry जेरी Nepali Movie

Starring: Anmol K.C. , Anna Sharma, Amalia Sharma, Abhishek Man Sherchan, Yash SJB Rana
Co-Producer : Samrat Prasad Gauchan
Producer : Manoj Sherchan
Writer : Samrat Prasad Gauchan, Hemraj BC
Cinematographer : Shailendra D Karki
Colorist : Sudip Shrestha
Sound design : Uttam Neupane
Editor : Surendra Poudel
Director : Hemraj B.C


The movie presents a story of a youth Xavier Rana, played by Anmol KC, from a rich family. For simplicity, he is popularly known as Jerry. A lot of girls are attracted to Jerry and he is sort of a playboy who enjoys life in every opportunity he gets. He tries not to get engaged in any particular girl for long until he meets Akanchha, played by Anna Sharma.

Akanchha and Jerry met in Mustang when Jerry was in a tour to Mustang. In the start Akanchha and Jerry don’t go along well but as the time passes, they fell in love. The movie is about the love and life of these two characters.

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