Patachara is a popular folk-tale based on the Buddhist jataka stories. It is the story of Hisilani, the only daughter of Dandas, a Mercahnt from the town of Shrawasti. Dandas brings the riches and luxuries of the
world to his home in order to protect Hisilani from the corruptive influences of the world outside. But, love finds a way into Hisilani's world in the person of Manraja, a good hearted but poor young servant. Upon Hisilani's insistence, Manraja shows her the world outside the confines of her home, and forever changes her fate. The trials and ravages of the material world find their biggest victim in Hisilani, who must suffer
before finding herself in the refuge of Buddha's teachings.

Patachara Nepali Movie
Released: 2011
Running time: 2:39:25
Starring: Karma Shakya Melina Manandhar Vatsha Shakya Laxmi Giri Arneswari Shilpakar Annapurneswari Shrestha Madan Das Shrestha
Directed by: Ram Krishna Khadgi
Produced by: Dijendra Shakya
Written by: Ram Krishna Khadgi