Aankha Ko Nid Khosi Lane- Arun Thapa (Cover Song) | Sajal Neupane

This is the cover version of the popular song "Ankha ko nid" by the great legendary singer Arun Thapa. One of the most popular romantic song of late Arun Thapa penned and composed by veteran artist and composer Mr. Bikram Gurung which has every element of romance, pain, classical singing and feelings.

Sajal Neupane and the group has tried to portray the song in a new way but incorporating old tunes and feelings . The song was recorded live with new input of instruments.

Vocals: Sajal Neupane (Arun Thapa-Original)
Tabala and precautions : Jagnnath Dhaugoda
Sarangi: Manice Gandharba
Guitar (Rythm and lead): Rajeev Shrestha
Guitar (Base): Nukul Gurung

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